Enhance Your Business with Web Development

The most general mistake any company or individual can make when venturing out on a new website project is to believe that design is everything. But the fact is that your website’s design on its own is not what will make you successful.

Web Development

A superior and professional web development service is what will influence the success of your site and its online objectives. High standards are developed for a cause, and that is to make certain the product and service you receive is of supreme value and to a capable level, so that your website will occupation as planned and give the right return on investment.

Web development is a broad term for the work involved in increasing a web site for the Internet or an intranet. Web development can range from developing the simplest static single page of basic text to the most complex web-based internet, electronic businesses, and social network services.

This technology is in itself a set of technologies and programming languages that are used to create and run a computer program. Some of the popular and vital custom web application development technologies to be learnt by the web developers are HTML, XML, Flash, Perl, CSS etc. A computer language is a method to communicate to the computer by the user to process the output in accord with the preferred logic. Web application development is much more than just writing computer programs in detailed programming languages and running the program to get the desired outputs. Web development is a branch of computer science that engages connecting thousands of millions of computers together and running an intercommunicating program on them.

So what can a web developer do to improve the internet experience of users who will visit your website?

A software engineer or developer and popularly known as web developer manages the development of the dispersed network applications in your website that go during the HTTP protocol from the internet server to an online browser.

The responsibilities of a web developer differ since web development service is a varied word for any tasks related to the improvement of website function for the intranet or the WWW. This job most of the time integrates configuration of a web server, e-commerce business development, client side or server side scripting and web content development.

There are several levels on the kind of work being performed by web developers. Because the modern web applications most of the time hold three or more types of tiers, each developer on a team of engineers may specialize on one or more of these applications and levels. They may still execute more interdisciplinary tasks. For instance, in a three person team of consultants, one developer’s role may center on technologies sent to the client that may integrate JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. The next developer may work on the server-side support, which are used in the delivery of scripts and content to the client. The third software developer’s crucial role might be the interaction procedure between the web server, database system, server-side and frameworks of the web site.

The responsibilities of a web developer vary since web development service is a diverse term for any tasks related to the enhancement of website performance for the intranet or the World Wide Web. This job most of the time combines design of a web server, e-commerce business development, client side / server side scripting and web content development.


All about Web Development

Web development

Many companies are investing in websites so the Web development industry has grown by leaps and bounds. Now when we talk about web development it includes server coding, server configuration, designing websites, developing content for websites and e-commerce business. According to the many experts the development of a website means developing the website in total and not just concentrating on the designs.

If you understand the technicalities of website development then you can do it by yourself but if you are unsure then you should hire a professional company to do the job for you. Do a lot of research over the internet before you actually go out and hire a company.

Lets us now take a look at the various tools of website development that will help us understand the aspects of web Development and web tools

Blueprint is a fantastic tool which has a CSS framework which will reduce the number of codes that you have to write. This is generally carried out by implementing styles that are utilized by various developers.

The CSS Grid builder is a Yahoo based framework that gives different layout combinations that comes to about 1000. The grid makes the work of a developer very easy as it can generate CSS layouts instantly. The website developers will have access to the HTML by simply pressing on a code.

JavaScript Code enhancer is yet another application that will permit web developers to format the JavaScript really fast. So the end result is that the JavaScript becomes very easy to understand and read.

Firefox does not fall too far behind as a web development extension as it helps to save time and it is quite useful. Locating CSS/JavaScript errors, authenticating XHTML and assisting the visualizing structure of a website page are some of things you can do with this extension.

The Yahoo pattern library is very useful in the Web development industry as it helps the developers to produce easier and faster solutions.

The Developer Toolbar is by far the best alternative for the developers who are looking for a useful add on.

Test Everything is a tool that has more than one purpose and it makes the job of a web developer really easy by getting things done quickly. It is a very popular tools with Website developers. In short this tool is fit for multi tasking.

Some of the other cool tools that are used for website development are Instant online, Content editor, Flypage, PowerWeb 98, Beatnik, Web painter 1.0 and Button Tool.

There are many other tools that are used for website development and are used by website developers to create very attractive websites. However to get the best results you have to select the right tools keeping in mind the kind of results that you wish to see. Different tools produce different results so first plan the kind of website you want before you proceed to use any of the above mentioned tools. These tools are capable of producing fantastic results is used the right way.

Insight on web Development and web tools

What is Web Development?

Web Development is a broader term that includes developing websites from scratch. As a matter of fact it comprises of the technical aspect to build a website like that of web server, scripting, configuring network security, web content development and also e-commerce expansion.

Different from web design

Yes it is different web designing without a doubt! While website development is about keeping the technicalities in place, web design on the other hand contains the customer related elements like the look of a website, its usability and all this designing is done by following the appropriate principles of design.

There is no point getting the two confused as they are different from each other and there is no need to wrack your brains over them as it is easy to comprehend. In fact now on you will not baffle yourself between the two.

Web Development

All round development

From the above discussion we deduce that Web Development is an all inclusive service. It consists of testing and basic understanding of web designing by keeping the principles of designing in mind. Along with this the aspect of configuration of security services should also be added as that makes the whole process complete.

What are web tools?

Web tools are applications that are used to debug and test codes by web developers. In simple words these tools help software agents to implement, create and transfer and data to be presented in various platforms and devices. Examples of these tools are HTML, HTML5, XHTML, XML, Ajax, DOM, jQuery, JavaScript, SQL and RSS. Even web browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera act as a good supportive web development tool.

What do these tools do?

These web tools do a lot of things for web based applications like:

  • They are required for testing applications
  • These tools can reduce debugging
  • These can even speed up website development
  • Most importantly can enhance the quality of production
  • Can help developers create websites more efficiently

Website development can be useful

The next question that crosses the mind is how Web Development can help in the wider sense. The answer to this question can be best explained like this:

  1. Customer friendly – A well designed website can be made user friendly by organizing things in the best possible ways. Proper development will mean your website is secured, easy to navigate, self explanatory and is interactive you’re your visitors.

  1. Noticeable – Yes this means your website is sure to get some positive reviews. Visitors will spend more time on it and make it popular by talking about it in various discussion forums. An elaborate design and smooth functioning alone can make it a grand success.

Why web tools are needed for improved web development?

Web development

Web development of the modern age is not at all possible without the usage of improved web tools and thus you need to get a proper knowledge about some handy web tools that can help you in this regard. These web tools are having a greater significance in developing websites and in boosting up online marketing system.

You can now find a lot of options that are available in the market out of which you need to choose the best one that can help you to get the most improved web development. Different kinds of web applications can be easily and conveniently conducted with the use of these tools and this is the reason that these tools are recently getting used by maximum web developers or experts.

You can get within different websites in order to get the best handy tool that can help you to fulfill your specific web application. These tools can be easily handled and accessed online and thus you can access the same at any place and from anywhere.

Why convenient web tools are required?

  • Repetitive tasks can be easily eliminated as a result of using these handy tools and thus you can save great time, energy and money in getting your objectives fulfilled.

  • The overall efficiency and productivity of web development can be enhanced to a great extent by means of using these web tools.

  • Websites can be created and maintained efficiently with these tools. On the other handsome are required for improving site optimization task.

  • Online marketing can be greatly facilitated and supported by these tools. In fact, this is one of the main reasons for the highest usage of these web tools.

  • You can now perform different types of web applications at quite a nominal cost as a result of using these improved tools online.

How to choose the best web tools online?

Choosing the best web tools is quite changing and thus you need to follow certain essential steps or tips. You need to consider your main objective for deciding the selection of the best web tool online that can satisfy your respective need.

  • First of all, you need to collect the list of some handy web tools that are quite popular in the market. For that, you can rely either on online research or else can ask the professional expert. You can also check out the major we-designing sites for finding out the same.
  • The major features or characteristics need to be compared so that you can choose the right tools that can help you to meet your requirements or objectives.
  • In most of the cases, free online based web tools are being used for saving great cost.

Some Handy Web Tools That Make Web Development Simpler

Web Development is a technical art. It is an interface showcasing what a business or a person is capable at offering, thus the process of web development becomes intricate and demand the help of web development tools.

To assist the creative potential of each professional, market has on offer a wide range of web development tools which help in experimenting with new designs and come up with startling website interfaces and designs. These tools are easy to be integrated in your browser and are known as extensions or add-ons. All these in-browser tools stand different with respect to application, features and functionality.

Highlighted below are some popular and useful in-browser Web Development Tools which are highly compatible with Web browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer. All these tools find extensive application with regards to debugging and inspecting the HTML, evaluating accessibility and accessing FTP source files.

Web Development Tools


This tool is known as an extension for the Mozilla Firefox which facilitates in debugging and inspecting CSS, JavaScript, HTML and Document Object Model (DOM). It is equipped with a wide range of features that aim at revolutionizing the traditional ways of profiling JavaScript code. Apart from the popular JavaScript and DOM functionalities it features, this tool is widely suitable for logging network activity and see detailed results of HTTP connections,

Web Developer

This is another popular extension (compatible with Flock, Firefox, and SeaMonkey Web browsers). It includes varied features all inclusive of View Style Information, View CSS Information option (CSS) or Control + Shift + Y on Windows). This tool comes handy in exploring and understanding large CSS projects and files. Also it is equipped with a series of built-in options for syntax validation such as HiSoftware’s Web Content Accessibility Report, W3C’s CSS Validator for added convenience.


Created by Yahoo, next in the list is YSlow, a Firefox extension! YSlow has been reviewed to showcase expertise at analyzing a web page to render front-end performance. Loved and admired by senior web developers working at varied stages of web development, it features simplest usage and offers letter grade to initiate best practices. All this is basically aimed at speeding up the website functioning.

Fiddler Web Debugger

This is one of the most popular web development tools which work in compatibility with Internet Explorer. The tool works at analyzing the profiles and Web page’s HTTP traffic. It is helpful in case one wishes to know what happens when a client posts in a request for the Web page. One of the primary features which sets Fiddler apart from others is that fact that it is quite powerful when it comes to extensibility. It also facilitates creating your own scripts and enables performing certain tasks basically entailing interface modifications.


DebugBar functions as a debugging tool in-browser extension and works perfectly with Internet Explorer. Yet another powerful web development tool, it comes with a series of helpful features, all inclusive of color picker, sending screenshot of a web page via email, enabled view of original and interpreted code. It is absolutely free to be used for personal and educational use, but for commercial purposes one needs a license.


As the name suggests, HttpWatch is yet another HTTP traffic viewer with a more intuitive interface.

Web Development Tools – You Can’t Do Without

Useful Web Development Tools

Website designing is an ever-evolving and creative field which keeps the developers on their toes to know the functioning of distinct Useful Web Development Tools. Websites, whether designed for professional or personal purposes, showcase complex structures and are massive undertakings.

As a trend, it has been observed that even the veteran in this field register the need to get used to of big toolbox of applications in order to do their job right way. There are hundreds of applications available for assistance, yet only few top the list. Below listed are some that are segregated in categories and are reviewed to be favorite tools for many tasks developers. These tools are helping hands to when it comes to building websites and fast track applications.

These tools play a remarkable role during all phases of Web Development right from coding to communication and file sharing to hosting. Check out the list and pick the tools of your choice:

Version Control Tools – Such tools are used to store a history related to modifications of codes. They also facilitate testing, comparing as well as merging the changes along with providing easy back-ups for all the projects in hand. These tools facilitate multiple web developers to function simultaneously on similar projects. Some of them are:

  • SourceTree– It can be defined as a free Git client for both Windows and Mac. It provides a graphical interface which impresses seasoned professionals of this field.
  • BeanStalk– A host for code repositories which facilitates developers to collaborate with their team via Git.
  • GitHub– This tool eases the team collaboration along with code review & management. Also, it is a place where developers put their public code.

Command Line Tools – These tools help in performing a task quickly and efficiently without a GUI, which is a common line expressing where one needs to go.

  • WP-CLI– It features a set of command-line tools which helps in running WordPress commands. Developers can also run interface with the platform through command line.
  • Drush– Loved by seasoned professionals, it showcases awesome shell interface. It also helps in automating Drupal tasks straight from command line.

Code Editors – Quite prominent and extensively used tools, Code editors come into use regardless of the language a web developer is working on. These tools, as the name indicates come into play when developers go deep in coding. Such editors make a simultaneous check and feature great UI, shortcuts and flexibility to function.

  • Coda– It is all-in-one web tool which comes handy for Mac users. The application also includes text editor, an FTP client, and terminal access, and many more.
  • Sublime Text– It incorporates sophisticated coding editor along with ability to make batch edits in combination with multiple line editing.

Learning Web Development – Where to Start?

I’m glad that you decided to jump into web development. However, I bet you’re confused about where to start because of the overwhelming amount of tools and the different terminologies and jargon that you’ve encounter. Don’t worry, you don’t need to learn all of those terms and jargons and you do not have to get all tools as you begin. We will start with a step-by-step process.

The Beginning

learning web development

You’ve awaken one day and realized that you need to pave your way into the web development path. You turned on your PC and browsed the net for tutorials, information and latest news about web development. You were overwhelmed by what you saw. You tried some of the tips, tools and download some eBooks but no, you just can’t get anything out of them. You’re feeling frustrated now, aren’t you? Worry no more because I am here.

Choosing your Path

If you’re an absolute beginner to web development, chances are you don’t know much about the jargons used. The common terminologies you can hear are server, client, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. All of these technologies are crucial in order to build a powerful website like Facebook and Amazon. However, for very huge projects like these sites, a team composed of front-end and back-end developers is needed. You are going to choose between these two paths. The question you need to ask yourself if: Do I want to design websites or do I want to create the logic and programming under the hood?

Web Designer Path

You’ve chosen the right side of your brain to function more. But you’ll need the right side as well. You need to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript, those three are essential to being a web designer because they deal mostly with front end development. You also need to learn a little bit of PHP and MySQL plus some server side knowledge (cPanel is crucial too). Start with HTML then add CSS and master it with JavaScript. Tools best for you are Photoshop, Notepad++ and Dreamweaver.

Web Developer Path

Your brain is left handed! But like the other, you need your right brain too! Learning PHP, ASP.Net, MySQL and Ruby are great for you but a combination of PHP and MySQL mastery will bring you beyond the moon. You also need some basics of HTML and CSS and good knowledge of JavaScript (AJAX). Tools best for you are Notepad++ and/or Dreamweaver but I suggest you look for a full time PHP IDE (but you’re a beginner so start with notepad++)

Whatever path you’re choosing, you do not need to bother with advanced tools that I suggested as you’re just beginning. Notepad++ or similar text-editors are more than enough to familiarize yourself with coding and language nature. There are several online tutorial available, both free and paid to guide you into your career.

By the way, I heard you want to become both? That’s okay if you’re going to create a small website and if you’re freelancing but it’s going to take a lot of time to master. If I were you, I’ll choose one path to master.

Useful Web Development Tools

There are hundreds of web development tools out there which come either free or paid. There are also dozens of browser extensions, plugins and web based editor as well as frameworks available to us, free of charge. If you’re a beginner, however, making a choice about which tool to grab can be very overwhelming. It’s true that hundreds of these tools pop out every now and then, some of them became popular, some are hated. However, among those numerous tools that come and go, there are those who remained solid and was favored by many beginner and seasoned developers alike. Those tools, my friend, will be presented on this post. Feel free to choose the one you like.

Before we begin, there are two major kind of web development namely front-end and backend development. Front deals mostly with the front page or design of the website while backend deals with complicated logic and calculation or perhaps server-side. You’re either a practitioner of one or both. Either case, in order to streamline and make things easier, a good set web development tool is for you.

web development tools

There are several great web development tools to help you create a beautiful and functional website.

Brackets – founded by Adobe Systems, brackets is an open source, community driven front end development tool. It was developed using, relax, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Therefore, you have the full set of ability to create plugins for it or even modify it to your heart’s content. It features a beautiful and sleek UI, fast code completion, real-time preview and more.

Firebug – this one is a browser extension, but only for Mozilla Firefox. It offers a powerful set of tools to monitor, edit and debug HTML, CSS and JavaScript live in any webpage. This is a favorite among many seasoned web developers I know, including Simon Allardice, a tutor and programming pro from Lynda.com.

Notepad++ – This is a very simple programmer’s text editor packed with dozens of powerful features from the ground up. It can also be extended using plugins. This offers a great way to write your code from the scratch and is a great tool for beginners. It supports almost all popular programming languages, from C to Java as well as web languages like PHP, JavaScript, CSS and HTML. It’s syntax highlighting and speed is proven most useful.

Dreamweaver – This product from Adobe has been in the scene for decades. It is a complete IDE and you can build simple to dynamic websites using this development environment. It has tons of features, powerful enough for any kind of project. However, it has a reputation for having a steep learning curve and some developers hate it because it produces bloated codes.

Microsoft WebMatrix – yes you read it right. This tool was developed by Microsoft but unlike its other product lines, MS WebMatrix is completely free. But don’t let the price and name fool you (I know Microsoft has such a bad reputation in the world of web development) because it offers a powerful suite of features for a beginning and seasoned developer alike.